will not sell, rent, swap, or otherwise disclose to any third party any information provided during your subscription registration, other than as necessary to process and administer your account and for our own analyses, as described below.

For subscribers, we reserve the right to send subscription maintenance emails, such as order confirmation, renewal/expire notice, and credit card problem notifications, and infrequent Service Alert messages, regardless of the opt-in status. The purpose of the Service Alert messages are to inform subscribers of specific changes that may impact their ability to use our site. We do use certain technologies, such as “cookies,” to improve your online experience with our sites. We use these technologies:

During the site subscription process, or during any session in which you change any of your subscription information, as a convenience to you — so you can avoid having to enter your username and password on every screen. This cookie is temporary and disappears when you exit your browser.
Once during each visit to our site, if you are a site subscriber, as a convenience to you — so you can avoid having to enter your username and password every time you access a subscriber-only area on the site. This cookie is temporary and disappears when you exit your browser. You must accept this temporary cookie in order to gain access to the subscriber-only area on the site. Note: If your browser is set to notify you when you receive a cookie, you’ll be prompted to accept the cookie (Yes/No). Please select “Yes”.
During the sign-in process, you are given a choice to activate a cookie that allows you to automatically sign in from your computer without having to remember your username and password. This is completely optional and is provided for your convenience. If you accept, the cookie will be saved to your hard drive, and will not be used for any purpose other than automatic sign in. may conduct surveys to better understand our users. All survey information is voluntarily disclosed and will not be associated with the individual users. Cookies are used to track what surveys already have been presented, to avoid users from being presented with or submitting duplicate surveys.
We maintain a secure process for collection, transmission, and storage of subscription registration information. See our Security page for more details.

We evaluate site usage by analyzing usage information of users. As part of this, we use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google. Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. Google may also utilize the data collected to track and examine the use of this site, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. The data is processed in the United States. Google Analytics is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. To prevent your usage and tracking data from being used by Google Analytics, you can use the Google Analytics Opt Out browser.

To help protect against spammers, our site uses Google reCAPTCHA, a SPAM protection service from Google LLC (“Google”). This service helps identify spammers by tracking site usage of site users. This data is processed by Google in the United States. The use of reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google privacy policy and terms of use.

To help us manage the tags or scripts needed on this site in a centralized fashion, this site uses Google Tag Manager, a tag management service provided by Google. This results in the users’ usage data flowing through this service, which is processed in the United States, and potentially resulting in the retention of this data. Google Tag Manager is subject to the Google privacy policy.

To help us analyze traffic to this site to or from Facebook, this site uses Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook pixel), an analytics service provided by Facebook, Inc. that connects data from the Facebook advertising network with actions performed on this site. The Facebook pixel tracks conversions that can be attributed to ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Data is processed in the United States and Subject to the Facebook Privacy Policy.

This site offers PayPal among its payment processors. The PayPal button and widgets are services allowing interaction with the PayPal platform provided by PayPal Inc., which may include user tracking and usage data. Use of PayPal is subject to the PayPal privacy policy.

You can review your subscription information or change your subscriber information or credit card at any time. Go to your Account Profile and follow the instructions there.